Rooted Listening and Healing Prayer Sessions

Rooted teams are Christian volunteers equipped to listen, pray, and guide you and your loved ones through the Rooted Process for healing.  Teams meet with clients in sessions lasting from 60 to 90 minutes.

In Rooted sessions, your team will help you listen up and in for healing. We facilitate a process that helps you

  • Listen in to your life for greater clarity and insight.
  • Listen up to God as we invite him to speak with you about the roots of painful emotions or behaviors you’re experiencing.
  • Follow God together as we address the root issues blocking lasting health and growth.
  • Invite you to engage with God as he renews your mind, emotions, and body with the truth he’s given you.

While we do not offer professional counseling or psychotherapy, we do provide referrals from our network of Christian counseling, spiritual direction, and healing professionals.


To make an appointment, complete our intake form and submit online here. Or email Jenny at to receive an intake form by email. Appointments with prayer teams are available at these times:

  • Tuesdays, 10:00 am and noon
  • Wednesdays, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

Suggested Donations

Roots&Branches suggests a minimum donation of $40 for prayer room appointments.  Donations are requested at the time appointments are made and can be made online here.  If you prefer to donate by cash or check, please do so at the time of your appointment.

We are grateful for smaller gifts.

If this amount is a hardship, please let us know when you submit your intake form or email for follow up appointments.  We do not want this suggested donation to prevent anyone from receiving ministry.  We will gladly explore options and scholarships with you.

We are also grateful for larger gifts.

A single prayer room appointment actually costs about $90.  The healing that happens in these appointments is, of course, invaluable. Donations over and above $40 help us offer scholarships to those not able to afford a donation and help keep the prayer room doors open. The cost of prayer room ministry includes our prayer room hours with clients, scheduling and client communications, rent, office supplies, website support, accounting, training volunteers, payroll for three part-time staffers, and more.

If a donation of $40 is not feasible for you, please consider these options:

  • Are you able to make one or more smaller donations over time?
  • Does your church offer financial help? Many churches regularly help people cover the costs of counseling and other health-related services.
  • Is a full scholarship the best option for you at this time? If so, we are glad to offer that. Please let us know as we schedule your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment so we can alert staff and volunteers. Donations made in advance of appointments are refundable with 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Inclement Weather Policy

The prayer room will be closed and appointments rescheduled when Cincinnati Public Schools are closed.

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Our prayer room is conveniently located with the offices of Christian Counselor David W. Barr, 4301 Smith Road, Norwood/Hyde Park area.

DIRECTIONS to Roots&Branches in Norwood/Hyde Park, 4301 Smith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45212. Find us on Google Maps

From Norwood Lateral or I-71 South:

  1. Get on I-71 South
  2. Continue on I-71 S to Norwood; take Exit 6
  3. Turn Right onto Williams Avenue
  4. Take the 1st Right onto Smith Road
  5. Turn Left onto Marsh. Two-story green building will be on your left at the intersection of Marsh and Smith.
  6. Parking and entrance are on Marsh. Enter at door marked David W. Barr. You’ll see our sticker in the window.

From Downtown or I-71 North:

  1. Take Exit 6 and merge onto OH-561 N toward Smith Road
  2. Turn Left onto Marsh. Two-story green building will be on your left at the intersection of Marsh and Smith.
  3. Parking and entrance are on Marsh. Enter at door marked David W. Barr. You’ll see our sticker in the window.



I’ve been praying for people for 32 years, and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve prayed for all types of pain and problems, and I’ve seen God touch lives and bring peace. Yet so often I’ve seen people not get fully the help they needed.  The work I do with Roots&Branches is by far the most effective way of ministry I’ve seen for people to get free. I’ve seen God do phenomenal things by the power of His love and voice. I’ve seen people come in blocked, carrying their troubles, and I didn’t have any hope for them in terms of what I had to bring.  Yet as people have shared their stories, as they have gotten into a quiet place and we’ve asked the Lord to speak, I’ve seen amazing, remarkable things happen.  People who are broken, locked up, confused, begin to hear from the Father.  I’ve seen them shake their heads in disbelief as the Lord speaks and brings to mind something from their past. As they watch a scenario from their life play out, we ask Jesus where He was at that moment. And for the first time, they see the Lord in their situation. They move forward and things break off.  They are freed. I think specifically of three stories.

One couple we met with was in a very bad place. I didn’t think their marriage would be saved. As the man connected with the Lord, we watched the Lord move on his heart, speak to him about lies he was believing, and show him truth. His heart melted, and tears came with repentance and healing. As his wife connected with the Lord, she was able to see her own issues. I saw life and healing come to each one of them and to their marriage. She began to trust again. He began to open up and share.

We met with another man who was severely traumatized. Over several weeks trust was restored and joy returned. It was remarkable.

I prayed with a man who was abandoned by his father at age eight and told he was now the head of the house. He came to believe as a boy who felt the weight of the world that he couldn’t trust God. I asked Jesus to show this man where was He was as his father was leaving and the eight-year old boy was abandoned. This man was stunned as he saw Jesus with him and realized, “He was there. He was always there. He understands the pain. I can trust him.”

In these sessions, it’s not about the teams that pray.  It’s about creating an atmosphere in which a person ready to listen can have an encounter with the Lord as Jesus himself ministers. And healing comes, session by session.  I send my friends who are stuck because I know they will encounter God and freedom will come to them.–David Sheldon


Jen and I were going through a very difficult time in our marriage. I had been into pornography and online sex for years and felt hopeless and powerless to overcome the addiction. I had tried all sorts of programs, counseling, systems, boundaries, and accountability, but all without lasting fruit. My wife was broken-hearted and jaded by all the lies. In desperation I had confessed years of sins to several friends. It was recommended that I reach out to Roots&Branches.

Although I was nervous and skeptical going into my first prayer session, I was desperate enough to open up my heart and mind to whatever process was offered. It was a big shock when the Lord himself actually spoke straight to my heart. It is easy to assume what the Lord thinks about us and our situations, but really listening to His voice, can be quite different than our expectations.

As it turned out, the Lord wanted to deal with my beliefs about Him. He wanted to speak to me about what he really thought about me. Much of what He said over the several prayer sessions were both simple and obvious to a mind that has been in Church for years, but were like lightning when they heard by the heart and believed. And much of the truth that God wants to give is not easy to believe, even though we accept it as a doctrine. This is where faith comes in. The Roots&Branches staff who listen and pray with you, have so much faith that it helps you receive God’s word in your heart.

God taught my heart so much in those sessions, and they are the things I deeply believe in my heart now. Specifically, I felt the Lord’s good intentions towards me, and that my sin problems were actually about my relationship with God. In fact everything, including my relationship with my wife, is really lived out before him and unto him. He has always been for me and with me. I can trust him with my actual emotions and pour out my heart to him, whatever I think and feel. I was able to release control of all the relationships and expectations that were sources of anxiety.

The Lord revealed the fear that was behind my self-protective pride and my desire to escape into sex and passivity. I was able to break off wrong motives: the spirit of religion that produced guilt without relationship. And I was able to renounce the pride, guilt, shame and fear of man that came from it.

The Lord showed me that I don’t have to escape, I don’t have to fear intimacy or conflict. That intimacy is worth the pain. That people are worth it. The Lord helped me to wake up and care. To fight for real intimacy with God and others.

I really feel like my core identity was changed through the weeks with Roots&Branches. I was a passive man that just needed everybody to like him on the outside. Now I am continuing to become who God has created me to be: a warrior who is passionate, assertive, and strong, but also patient and kind. Not self absorbed, but able to give myself to God and others.

Overall, the prayer sessions have given me a lot of lasting hope that God still has good things and can redeem even my broken situation. And that is ultimately because he loves me. I have lots of hope that he still has good things and can redeem the situation. It’s true that I’ve been 16 months without porn, but that is really only a small side effect of giving my life to God because I found out just how much He loved me.

Roots&Branches is different from other approaches to freedom and healing because it depends totally on the Lord to reveal Himself. His love and power is the focus of the ministry and that is why it works! Experiencing Roots&Branches, one walks away glorifying God, not people. The people are only there to help those who, like me, were desperate, broken, and lost to finally stop running and seek the Lord. This help is profound and absolutely necessary in the Kingdom. I only wish more of this ministry was available to those who need it. –David Reaves


I came to Roots&Branches right as my marriage of 13+ years was falling apart. I had married a porn addict, found out on our honeymoon, and had prayed my heart out, believed the best, and cried my guts out. We had gone through an expensive program, he had counseling, we tried a twelve step program, he had various accountability situations, and nothing had really changed. When I came to Roots and Branches, the Lord had recently revealed the full extent of my husband’s infidelity, and I had to decide whether I would stay and fight for the marriage or take our five children and leave. I showed up broken, desperate for a word from the Lord, and committed to do whatever He said. And the Lord did speak, reminding me of the lies of my childhood and of His truth. I came regularly for Roots&Branches for months, and every time the Lord would peel another layer of the onion of the lies I had believed.

Coming from a broken home in my childhood, I believed that all men were foolish: they weren’t safe and didn’t care about others. They definitely couldn’t be trusted. My experience with my husband reinforced that belief, and made it impossible to believe our marriage could be restored. When the Lord shone a light on that dark spot in my heart, He gently reminded me that He was once a man (!). I cannot convey through words how that thought pierced my heart, and broke through my fear. It was freedom in a moment. I was free to trust my husband, but mostly free to trust Jesus. My husband might let me down, but Jesus was there, and if my husband wanted to change, Jesus would help him.

During my Roots&Branches sessions, the Lord spoke to me in very vivid images. One of the images was a dark storm with waves crashing onto the rocks below a cliff. At the edge of the cliff was a lighthouse with a wheat field around it. The wheat was waving violently in the storm, and I was in the middle of the field, holding Jesus’ hand. Only where Jesus and I stood was calm, but all around was a crazy wind. I could see my husband in a tiny boat out in the water, struggling to stay afloat, and I wanted to help him, but I was too far away. I wanted Jesus to stop the storm for my husband, but then I saw a closer view of the boat, and I saw my husband excited to learn how to master the storm. The Lord told me that I saw the storm as a tragedy because my perspective was from far away, but the storm was actually great for my husband to grow in courage and strength. Then, I felt the Lord tell me that I needed to run to the lighthouse, that my husband needed to see my light in the storm. The wheat field had not stopped waving. The stalks were at eye level, and I could hardly see in front of me, but I held tight to Jesus’ hand, and ran to the lighthouse. From the lighthouse, I could see so many tiny boats bobbing away in the storm, and each boat held someone I love who was going through a difficult time. I heard the Lord speak clearly to tell me that they each had their own adventure. The storm was scary to me, but it was a part of their individual stories. My adventure was in the lighthouse with Jesus, shining the light. Once again, freedom came to my heart through that image, and I was able to let go of my husband’s journey, stop worrying about fixing him, and embrace where the Lord had placed me.

These things are hard to put into words to share with strangers, but the Lord used Roots&Branches to bring freedom in our hearts from the lies we were bound in and we both fought for our marriage. It isn’t completely healed, but there is life where there was death. My husband has been free from the bondage of lust for over a year, and I am free from fear of the future. The “what if he backslides?” is no longer my motivation for prayer. I can trust the Lord, and truly say “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6 –Jennifer Reaves


The healing I received last night is beyond my understanding, as is the deep peace. Disconnection or disrelatedness in my family of origin kept me from fully walking into my inheritance as belonging to God’s family. I would walk on “the fringe”, not being able to fully enter in. During the prayer time, the picture Jesus gave me was a door which was similar to stained glass, but lighter colors and I was able to see through to the other side. Last night I walked through that door at God’s invitation. The healing word I received is WORTHY.

As the healing prayers last year [in the prayer room] brought me into the capacity to receive from God, “wanted”, not orphaned, “chosen”, not abandoned, last night’s healing continues to draw me further in and produce maturity. There is a budding joy which I’ve not known- new growth, where once the ground was rocky. God had promised me he would do a new thing; I didn’t know how or when. My gratitude to the team for obedience to provide the healing venue. And, may this retelling of a small part of my story be to God’s glory.


Sometimes the mess inside of us, the brokenness, the undone-ness that we all carry around, becomes so big and oozy that it starts to seep out of our pores, into places we would rather it not seep. We can go a long time, keeping the undone-ness under wraps. And then something – perhaps mercy- renders us incapable of holding it in anymore. It is there that you realize that in the cracking open, when we can’t hold it inside, that is where grace gets a chance to do its work.

For me, it comes in waves, the swell of brokenness and the inevitable seeping. And sometimes, for me, it is just scramble-scramble-scramble to clean it up, to tidy up the exterior so that I may make it another day under the thin veil of “just fine”.

However last year the brokenness swelled so large, and by grace it did not recede but instead busted out of every part of me, spilling over into my life, into the places that are seen. The ooziness made a mess of everything; my work, my ability to get kids to school on time, to make casseroles, to make it through a perfectly normal day.

Someone who loves me saw the ooziness and suggested I seek healing prayer with Roots&Branches.

And, when I ignored her, she suggested it again. And when I ignored her still, she waited a respectable amount of time and then sent me a nice card, saying that she cared very much about me and my oozy mess. Then she added that God might have some healing waiting for me, if I would just let him look at the mess already. And then quite inconspicuously she tucked a rather large, shiny, pamphlet from the ministry inside the card.

The thing is, despite being a Christian for the better part of my life, I had little, OK zero, experience with healing prayer. The idea of laying my neediness before strangers for prayer was attractive in theory, but felt impossible. Moreover, I was afraid that I would present these broken places to God, in the presence of a prayer counselor, and it would not “work”. By this I really mean that I would not work. That some profound response, insight, or transformation would be expected of me, by the other person, and it would not happen. I understood in theory that it was prayer, that the Holy Spirit is at play, but theory is quite distant from practice.

Still, I finally got out of my own way enough to make that first appointment. When I arrived I was greeted with warmth and acceptance in the form of well-trained prayer counselors who are equipped to listen well. Through conversation bathed in the presence of the Holy Spirit, these prayer counselors entered into my journey and gently encouraged me to seek the Lord’s wisdom, comfort, and insight. I found myself cradled in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

At the Lord’s leading we began to wade through the mess. It humbles and blesses me that the wonderful people at Roots&Branches are willing to come alongside me in this process. I am learning that the Holy Spirit really does have His own agenda. He is ready and willing to show up in the middle of my brokenness, amongst the ooziness. He is faithful to look beyond the surface, and gently address the deeper issues. Consistently the Lord has used my time at the Tower to reveal truth, provide comfort, wisdom, and gentle healing. Our only job is to show up and be willing to receive what He has for us.

It is a process. And more and more I believe this process – the healing – is where we find freedom on this side of eternity. That somewhere in the connecting, the emptying of ourselves before the Lord, of relaxing into grace as it washes our brokenness, is where the party starts to get good. Abundant Life fills in where the brokenness once was, it bubbles up and begins to spill out over everything. And we find ourselves awash in the pursuit of His glory.


The time I spent in the healing room has completely changed my walk. Having been set free from a trust stealing spirit, I am now free to trust in the love and glory that is Father and all that he has for me! For the first time in my life, I AM TRULY FREE. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your team, and the work that you do for the kingdom, and particularly for the people striving for the kingdom.


Through my prayer experience, the Lord met me while I was transitioning through one of the most grim and difficult periods of my life. I had already grown to trust the Lord well enough to take him with me into the belly of those forbidden places. What I did not know, was the depth of which He would move. With listening hearts, a non-judgmental, discerning, team praying approach, God showed me how much He loved me. I learned that in spite of the embedded lies (that I later denounced) that I had learned to embrace; he had a perfect plan for my life that existed long before my fleshly conception. I have since experienced a freedom that no longer enslaves me to the emotional pain of my past. I realize because I was predestined, I no longer need or have to please others to declare my existence. I learned that I EXIST, truly, because God said so.


What an amazing day! Truly life changing for me. God is not good.. he is GREAT!!! Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I am humbled and thankful!


I just had to share with you that Jesus is still speaking to me about the things he spoke to me in my healing prayer session. WOW!

You may remember he gave a picture for me – it was a gift to me from Him. In the box was a beautiful ornament made of diamonds. Then the diamonds fell from the ornament and turned into a tiara.

Today as I started a new Bible study, immediately He led me to Isaiah 61:3. I couldn’t believe what I read! In the Amplified version, it says “To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion—to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes.” In the NLT version, it says “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes.”

I have a new Alanon sponsor and we have been talking about grief a lot lately. As He is leading me through grief, He is caring for me so extravagantly. Today I feel like God gave me Isaiah 61:3 as His promise for me – to give me beauty for ashes!  I cannot believe He is meeting me and speaking to me in such vivid ways. He really loves me!

One of the biggest things I am most grateful for is God bringing me to Cincinnati and leading me to Roots & Branches, where I have experienced rich, deep, miraculous intimacy with My Creator, which changes everything!