The Rooted Process for Listening and Healing Prayer

Roots&Branches workshops and retreats equip you with the Rooted Process for listening up, in, and out for healing.  Lasting healing and freedom come to spirit, soul, and body when we reveal and address the roots of our unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. The Rooted Process demonstrates and integrates practical skills for healing as you learn to:

  • Listen out to connect with the heart for clarity and insight
  • Listen in to reveal the roots of painful emotions and behaviors
  • Listen up to God to receive truth and grace that bring lasting freedom and release to the mind, emotions and body

Individuals and teams are equipped with new skills for listening, healing prayer, and pastoral care that restore lives and relationships. Practiced in community, these skills help establish a culture of honor and grace.

How can you engage?

  • Individuals, groups or teams can attend our ongoing trainings, conferences and labs. You can see a list of upcoming events here.
  • Invite the Roots&Branches team to bring our training to your group or church. We would love to consult and customize training and mentoring to help you establish and sustain a culture of healing.

Jesus healing the multitudes through multitudes of healers

When he walked the earth, Jesus brought healing, compassion and grace to the multitudes. By his Holy Spirit, he does the same today through his Body, the Church. As more and more leaders and lay people are released to pray for healing and to help others walk in new wholeness, the Church will more and more reflect the character of Jesus. Healing will flow out from the Church into our communities. And we will see Jesus healing the multitudes through multitudes of healers.

To invite a Roots&Branches team to come to your church or ministry, contact Susan at



THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The training that you provided has been incredibly well-received. I’ve had numerous people call, e-mail, and stop in my office this past week to tell me how much the training meant to them, how they truly believe and sense that God is moving us in a new direction, how excited they are to see where this will lead and how God is going to use all of this for His Kingdom. And people are talking…in a good way! Some of those who were invited, but unable to attend are asking when we’ll be doing this again. That’s a good sign!

And they are singing your praises, as well! I’ve got some people who, I believe, are ready to start the First Official Roots and Branches Fan Club! Each of you brought your personal style, experience, and knowledge to our folks, meeting them right where they were and helping them get a sense of where God may be calling them. You allowed them to be who they are, making them feel comfortable and safe, and welcoming their questions and comments. Keep doing what you’re doing – it works really well! I had several people comment to me that part of what they loved so much about this training was the ‘realness’ – they so appreciated your approach to the topic – they liked not feeling as though they were in a ‘stuffy, serious seminary lecture,’ as well as the fact that you were willing to share your experiences – the ones that worked great, as well as the times your approach wasn’t quite perfect!

I am excited to see how God is going to use and grow all of this. It is such a gift and blessing to be able to partner with other believers for the growth of His people and His Kingdom. Thank you again for coming to UALC and sharing your gifts with us.

Becki Bork, Director of Congregational Care

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio